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Ways to Create the Impression of a Bigger Kitchen During Your Renovation

22 May 2023
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When renovating your kitchen, you may want to create a sense of extra space. You can achieve this by designing with pale colours and avoiding strong contrasts, so the room will be brighter and have minimal transitions between surfaces. Here are some other ideas to give your new kitchen a feeling of roominess. Cupboards There are plenty of things you can do with the cupboards to create spaciousness. The lower cabinetry obscures the floor, which makes the kitchen's proportions seem smaller. Read More …

Tips For Updating Your Kitchen Cabinetry

17 April 2023
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During a kitchen remodel, a lot of time should go into figuring out the best cabinetry options because the storage has a massive effect on your experience when you cook and clean up. Plus, it's fun to get creative and customise the cupboards to suit you. Here are some options and tips. Drawers Once upon a time, the main drawer in a kitchen was a cutlery drawer, with additional ones underneath for odds and ends. Read More …

2 Places to Renovate in Your Home to Boost Its Value

17 November 2022
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There's no question that home renovations can add value to your property. But which renovations should you focus on? Here are some places to renovate your home if you want to boost its value. Kitchen The kitchen is often called the heart of the home, and for a good reason. It's where families gather to cook, eat and socialize. That's why a kitchen renovation is often among the most popular and lucrative home improvement projects. Read More …

Remodeling Your Kitchen? How To Maximise Your Custom Cabinets

23 May 2022
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Now that you're remodeling your kitchen, take this opportunity to get the cabinets of your dreams. If you don't think you can get that from stock cabinets, you're right. To get everything you want out of your new cabinets, you need to have them custom-built to your specifications. Investing in custom cabinets allows you to include all of those little details that make life much easier, and much more enjoyable, especially where the kitchen is concerned. Read More …

Ways to Bring Nature into Your Kitchen During a Renovation

22 December 2021
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Bringing nature into your home will make it more welcoming and appealing. Here are several ideas on how to achieve this during kitchen renovations. Outside View One approach is to provide a view of the natural world. For example, replace an opaque door with a glass that opens to the garden. Seeing the greenery will bring it inside to be part of the kitchen landscape. As well as thinking about the walls, what about the ceiling? Read More …