Ways to Create the Impression of a Bigger Kitchen During Your Renovation

Ways to Create the Impression of a Bigger Kitchen During Your Renovation

22 May 2023
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When renovating your kitchen, you may want to create a sense of extra space. You can achieve this by designing with pale colours and avoiding strong contrasts, so the room will be brighter and have minimal transitions between surfaces. Here are some other ideas to give your new kitchen a feeling of roominess.


There are plenty of things you can do with the cupboards to create spaciousness. The lower cabinetry obscures the floor, which makes the kitchen's proportions seem smaller. You can undo this effect to some degree by installing slimline cabinets. These reveal more flooring, and the room will subsequently seem larger. You will have slightly less storage. However, it's easier to reach into the back of shallower cupboards.

The cabinetry handles are another thing you can focus on, bearing in mind that less visual clutter will give a greater sense of openness. You can fit doors with an integrated handle along the edge or models with a push mechanism.

Additionally, you could integrate the appliances—the fridge and dishwasher—behind the cabinets so the room will look sleeker. Panel appliances are designed to be fitted with a custom door that matches wherever they are installed.

With respect to the upper cabinets, they can seem top-heavy in a compact kitchen. You could eliminate them if you have enough storage elsewhere. Alternatively, fit glass doors that let you see the wall behind. The cupboards will then appear less bulky.

Another option is to remove the door of one or more of the upper cupboards to create custom open shelving. You can paint the inside of the cupboard and the shelf a unified and attractive colour. The kitchen will look more open without the doors.


Windows allow daylight to flow inside and provide an extended viewpoint, both of which make a room feel open. Thus, consider ways to increase the window area. You may be able to fit a skylight. Another possibility is a window splashback.

If you want the kitchen to appear larger, use minimal window coverings or leave them out altogether if you can. A roller blind coloured to match the wall or window frame will appear invisible when open. If you want privacy, you could fit frosted film on the lower parts of the window so you can leave them bare.

If the upper cabinetry is on an external wall and doesn't extend to the ceiling, you might be able to fit a horizontal clerestory window along the top of the cabinetry during your kitchen renovation to make the room feel lighter and brighter.

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