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Bring Down the Cost of Custom Home Construction

13 February 2020
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The concept of custom home building is not an entirely new one. It has only gained immense popularity in recent years because of the ever-changing trends in home construction where first-time homeowners often seem to get more and more sophisticated as the years go by. The increase in popularity can be attributed to the fact that homeowners now realise that a custom-built home gives them much greater control over almost every aspect of the construction exercise from the layout to the kind of finishing that a custom-built house will have. Read More …

How to deal with asbestos the right way

12 February 2020
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How safe is your home? When you enter your property, you probably think that you are coming into an environment that poses no dangers to you or your family, but is that really true? While you may have removed any obvious dangers from the property, that doesn't mean that there aren't any hidden dangers waiting to be uncovered. One of the most widely dispersed dangers in homes across the country is asbestos. Read More …

What Is Joinery and How Is It Related to Your Remodelling Work?

11 February 2020
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Joinery is a term related to a particular process in woodwork that involves joining two pieces of wood together (woodwork joints). Such work requirements can be found on doors and window frames, fitted cabinets, fitted furniture, fitted shelves, fitted stairs, etc. and can be carried out on-site (in your house or commercial property) or off-site (at the joiner's workshop). What kind of remodelling work are you doing? Do you just require joinery work, or do you also need carpentry work? Read More …

Narrowing Down Kitchen Renovation Ideas: 4 Top Factors To Consider

7 February 2020
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With kitchen renovations, there are so many options from which to choose. Change the entire layout, replace the kitchen cabinets, replace the kitchen faucet—you can do it all. You can borrow ideas from others and go for what's been done before, or you can go the other way and let your creative imagination take over and do something new. Either way, there are certain factors that you will need to bear in mind as you think about the perfect kitchen renovation ideas. Read More …

Get a Quick Fix to your Kitchen Renovation Needs

4 February 2020
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Sparing time to remodel your kitchen or any part of your house can be time consuming, expensive and a big inconvenience throughout your construction. This is why many homeowners procrastinate remodelling. In most cases, a kitchen remodel isn't something they desire, but it is what the house really needs. It improves functionality, adds value and allows homeowners to appreciate their space. When can you tell it's time to take the plunge? Read More …