Tips For Updating Your Kitchen Cabinetry

Tips For Updating Your Kitchen Cabinetry

17 April 2023
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During a kitchen remodel, a lot of time should go into figuring out the best cabinetry options because the storage has a massive effect on your experience when you cook and clean up. Plus, it's fun to get creative and customise the cupboards to suit you. Here are some options and tips.


Once upon a time, the main drawer in a kitchen was a cutlery drawer, with additional ones underneath for odds and ends. But now, drawer systems are popular for storing everything. Their advantages will be obvious once you pull out a drawer and see everything from a bird's-eye view. A lower cupboard, on the other hand, forces you to get low to the ground to see inside. For this reason, drawers can be better for those with knee or back problems.

Drawer systems are often more efficient as well. A traditional cupboard typically has one shelf, providing two shelves in total. On the other hand, you can install several drawers in the same storage area. It's like having extra shelves, but you can pull them out. To keep the drawers neat, use organisers inside, which are available in various shapes.

Integrated Appliances

Dishwashers and refrigerators are essential appliances, but they can be an eyesore. Fridges are large and bulky and tend to stand out—not always for their attractive appearance. The solution is to conceal the appliances you don't want to feature behind the cabinetry. You can also hide other things besides the appliances, such as a rubbish bin, in a pull-out mechanism inside a cabinet.

Miscellaneous Storage

Some items are small or tall, which can make them hard to find in a cupboard. You can install custom kitchen storage options for these things. For example, fit a narrow pull-out spice rack beside the oven that you can pull out and reach into quickly. If you enjoy baking, you can fit tall, skinny cupboards designed to hold trays and cutting boards vertically. The alternative is to stack them flat, but the bottom trays are then out of sight.

Soft-close Cupboards and Drawers

The kitchen cabinets are opened many times. Not only can this be noisy, but it can wear out the joinery and hinges. To avoid this, install soft-close mechanisms on both the drawers and cupboards during custom kitchen renovations. They'll not be banged shut all the time, so they'll suffer less wear, and the life of the cabinetry will be longer. Additionally, your kitchen will be more peaceful without the slamming of cupboard doors.

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