Two bathroom remodelling tips for frugal people

4 February 2020
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If you love to find ways to save money when remodelling, here are some of the frugal things you can do when overhauling your bathroom. Buy a plain, affordable vanity and let your contractor give it a makeover Because it is usually one of the most prominent items in this room, an attractive-looking vanity can really enhance the beauty of a bathroom. However, if after looking at the prices of the designer vanities that you love, you cannot bring yourself to buy one in this price range, there may be a solution. Read More …

Critical Don’ts of Marble Kitchen Countertop Maintenance

31 January 2020
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Marble is among the most common natural stones that homeowners use for their kitchen benchtops. It is non-porous and handles humid conditions excellently, and it is also elegant. Moreover, the unique natural patterns on marble stone ensure that no two kitchen benchtops are similar. However, despite being durable, marble benchtops must be well maintained. Unfortunately, very little information is available on what to avoid concerning marble countertop maintenance. This article highlights the major don'ts in maintaining marble kitchen benchtops. Read More …

4 Qualities to Consider When Installing Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

30 January 2020
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Do you want to refurbish your basement ceiling with acoustic ceiling tiles? If you have a suspended or grid ceiling, then acoustical ceiling tiles are a great choice. However, think first about easy accessibility to electrical wiring, air ducts and plumbing system. High-quality acoustical ceiling tiles don't just boost safety, but also enhance one's health. Some people choose acoustic ceilings tiles because they have some nasty wood joists to cover. Although the price is a critical aspect when buying acoustic ceiling tiles, it shouldn't replace looks. Read More …