Two bathroom remodelling tips for frugal people

Two bathroom remodelling tips for frugal people

4 February 2020
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If you love to find ways to save money when remodelling, here are some of the frugal things you can do when overhauling your bathroom.

Buy a plain, affordable vanity and let your contractor give it a makeover

Because it is usually one of the most prominent items in this room, an attractive-looking vanity can really enhance the beauty of a bathroom. However, if after looking at the prices of the designer vanities that you love, you cannot bring yourself to buy one in this price range, there may be a solution. You could opt for a well-made but quite basic vanity, that has a more affordable price tag (because of its simple design), and allow your remodelling contractor to give it a makeover that will take it from pleasant-but-plain, to unique and strikingly beautiful.

The remodelling contractor could, for example, either refinish the vanity's doors, or alternatively, they could paper them with a small (and therefore affordable) amount of embellished wallpaper. They could also add some pretty vintage handles and perhaps paint the porcelain counter with some acrylic enamel paint. The materials required for this would be quite cheap, and using them would still result in you not spending as much as you would have had you opted for a designer vanity. Vanities are central to a bathroom, so you want yours to look nice.

Brighten up your existing features with some cheap tools

The most frugal way to improve a bathroom is to give its existing features a facelift, instead of buying new items, as the tools needed to do this are quite cheap. For example, if the grout that holds your bathroom tiles in place is discoloured, even after scrubbing it with cleaning products, you could buy a grout marker and let your remodelling contractor colour in the grout with this tool. This will give the grout a new lease on life by making its colouring appear brighter and more uniform.

Your contractor could also change the bathroom tiles' appearance simply by coating them with some cheap tile paint. This is a great alternative to retiling, which can cost a lot if you want to use high-end tiles. It is important to let the contractor do this job, however, as creating a smooth and polished look when painting tiles can be tricky. As such, changing their colour could result in them looking worse than before if the paintwork is not done meticulously by someone who knows how to do this correctly.