Remodeling Your Kitchen? How To Maximise Your Custom Cabinets

Remodeling Your Kitchen? How To Maximise Your Custom Cabinets

23 May 2022
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Now that you're remodeling your kitchen, take this opportunity to get the cabinets of your dreams. If you don't think you can get that from stock cabinets, you're right. To get everything you want out of your new cabinets, you need to have them custom-built to your specifications. Investing in custom cabinets allows you to include all of those little details that make life much easier, and much more enjoyable, especially where the kitchen is concerned. If you're not sure what features to include in your new custom cabinets, read the list provided below. You'll find four ways to take your custom cabinets to the next level of function and form. 

Take Cabinets to the Ceiling

Now that you're in the process of redesigning your kitchen, be sure to take advantage of the space you have. One way to do that is to take your custom cabinets to the ceiling. Floor-to-ceiling cabinets allow you to utilise kitchen space to its fullest potential. If you're worried that you won't be able to reach those tallest shelves, invest in a rolling library ladder. That way, you can easily reach the top shelves. 

Designate the Trash Space

If you're like most people, you don't have a designated space for your kitchen waste cans. Unfortunately, that leaves you with two options. First, you can leave the waste can out in the open for everyone to see. Second, you take up valuable cabinet space under the sink for your waste can. When you invest in custom cabinets, you can enjoy a third option. You can have your cabinet-maker design a designated waste can cabinet. This will allow you to store the waste can and the recycling can in one convenient, out-of-the-way cabinet. 

Choose Pull-Out Shelves

If you're tired of struggling to get things out of the bottom cabinets, talk to your cabinet-maker about including pull-out shelves and drawers in those bottom cabinets. Pull-out shelves and drawers allow you to access those bottom cabinets easier. They also allow you to utilise the space more efficiently. While you're at it, don't forget about the corner cabinets. You can include multi-shelf lazy susans in your corner cabinets, which allow you to maximise that space as well. 

Maximise the Island

Finally, if you're including a full island in your new kitchen, be sure to include plenty of custom cabinets underneath. The space under your island provides the perfect amount of room for additional custom cabinets.