Benefits of a Natural Stone Kitchen Countertop

Benefits of a Natural Stone Kitchen Countertop

15 June 2021
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One countertop material that stands out from the rest of the field is natural stone. These surfaces imbue a room with lovely organic hues and patterns. For more specific benefits, consider the following points about stone benchtops.

Species Variety

You'll have several species to pick from when installing these counters, such as marble, granite and travertine. While all rock similarly blends and merges colours, each species does so in a characteristic way. For example, marble exhibits distinct veins, swirls and streaks with a luminous aspect. Granite offers hues like fawn, yellow, black and cream in speckled and uniform designs. Travertine is a form of limestone, and it provides gorgeous ivory, pink and peach slabs. Thus, you can select from a full array, including light and dark, patterned and even slabs, helping you to install the best option for your kitchen.

Easy to Care For

Stone counters are highly durable, and they'll grace a kitchen for many years once fitted. Though, take care to seal the benchtop as recommended because most rock is porous to greater and lesser degrees depending on the particular species. For example, marble is more permeable than granite and more susceptible to etching from acidic lemons, tomatoes and the like. All a stone benchtop requires is good simple habits: use a trivet for hot pans, a cutting board for preparing food and quick cleanup for spills before they have a chance to soak inside.

Unify Your Property

Stone provides an opportunity for you to create a cohesive design around your property, as you can install it in multiple ways. For instance, you could connect a similar kitchen counter and bathroom vanity top. Alternatively, echo the benchtop stone in outdoor pavers on your patio or on indoor flooring. By interspersing stone in various spots around the property, you'll enjoy the beauty of this organic material, plus your home will display a polished consistency.

Enhance Home Value

Natural stone evokes an upscale look that appeals to many people. So, if you intend to put your home on the market, a natural stone counter could make the kitchen, and thus the entire house, more appealing and desirable. A quality counter could even amp up the house's value.

Thus, stone benchtops offer numerous benefits. You have a wide variety of species and colours to coordinate the counter with your kitchen. Take care of and seal the counter to prolong its lifespan to many years. Stone provides a unified property design opportunity, as you can repeat a lovely stone in other areas. Additionally, a stone kitchen benchtop can help to increase the attractiveness of a home.