Two Reasons Why You Should Not Install a Kitchen Benchtop Yourself

Two Reasons Why You Should Not Install a Kitchen Benchtop Yourself

21 October 2020
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If your whole kitchen needs a revamp, you may have thought about doing certain tasks, like the installation of the kitchen benchtops, yourself. However, this is a job that only an experienced remodelling contractor should do. Read on to find out why.

A remodelling contractor won't make small mistakes that lead to big problems

If you make even a very small installation error when fitting your new benchtops, you might damage both the benchtops themselves and the kitchen features that are near them. For example, if you buy a wooden benchtop but don't take the wood's ability to expand into consideration when measuring and fitting it (i.e. if you fit the benchtop in such a way that it is in direct contact with the walls whilst the wood is in its normal, contracted state), disaster might strike.

In this situation, the wooden benchtop may expand a bit whenever the kitchen gets warm (as a result of using the oven or having the radiator switched on). Every time this happens, the benchtop will strain against the backsplash and walls. Over the course of perhaps a few months, this may result in the backsplash cracking or the wall plaster crumbling.

To fix this error, you would have to take out and resize the benchtop, and then replace the cracked backsplash and fix the plaster. This could take a long time and be quite expensive. By hiring a remodelling contractor, who pays attention to the details and knows how important it is to avoid making even these 'small' mistakes, you could keep the new benchtop, backsplashes and wall plaster intact.

You would have to use equipment that could injure you

Fitting kitchen benchtops usually requires remodelling contractors to use equipment that can be dangerous. This includes a jigsaw and a circular saw (to make cuts that will allow the benchtop to fit into corners and against the walls), as well as a drill, hacksaw and mallet. Trying to use these tools when you don't have much (or any) experience with them has the potential to leave you with numerous injuries. For example, if you mishandle a circular saw, you could cut your hand or forearm very deeply. When using this item and other power tools, there is also a high risk of damaging your hearing.

Conversely, a remodelling contractor, who has used these tools more times than they can count during their career, will be able to do so in a way that won't put them in danger. They will also have their own, commercial-grade safety equipment that will be far superior to any that you could buy at a DIY store; this, too, will help them to avoid injuries.

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