Bathroom Cabinet Ideas for Increased Storage

Bathroom Cabinet Ideas for Increased Storage

27 July 2020
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One of the issues many homeowners have is with bathroom storage. The area for most bathrooms is fairly small, and this means that any storage must be not only functional but also add to the appearance of the room. With that in mind, there are several upgrades you can make during bathroom renovations that will help with storage. Here are a few bathroom cabinets ideas that may help in your next renovation.

Cube Cabinets

Cube cabinets are open cabinets that are broken down into shelved open cubes. This cube storage allows you to use either storage baskets or containers for different items. You can also mix and match your baskets and open spaces to create a more personalized look and feel. For example, you may use baskets in one set of cubes to hold personal or private bathroom items while open cubes can hold towels or soaps. This can give a decorative but well-organized look to the entire space.

Sliding-Door Cabinets

There are times when the storage space is not the problem, but the layout of the bathroom is. For example, if you have cabinets with traditional doors, then you may have issues with space every time you open the cabinet doors. One way to avoid this, while still keeping adequate bathroom storage is to have sliding door bathroom cabinets. These doors slide to the left or right and do not take up any room when they're open. This gives you mobility in the bathroom and the hidden storage that you need.

Wall-Mounted Cabinets

Some bathroom layouts have more wall space than they do floor space. For example, you may have a pedestal sink and similar items that take up less floor room and give you more mobility within the room. When this is the layout, finding the right storage means thinking outside of the box. You need to use the space you have, which in this case is wall space. In situations like this, you can build and install the cabinet over the sink and mount shelves, cube storage, or sliding door cabinets on the walls. 

If you think any of these ideas would be ideal for your bathroom storage needs, contact your local cabinet contractor. They can help you design bathroom cabinets that work for your space and install them as well. You can also request a consultation to discuss the various options, pricing, and any questions you have about the process.