Why Your Budget Is Not The Only Consideration To Have When Contemplating Cladding Materials

Why Your Budget Is Not The Only Consideration To Have When Contemplating Cladding Materials

29 February 2020
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Cladding is a must-have for a good number of Aussie homeowners due to the range of advantages that it accords their structure. However, before you can have cladding installed, you need to make sure that you are selecting the right materials for the job. For most people, their budget becomes the deciding factor; this is understandable, as a majority of people will want to save on cash even while engaging in a home improvement project. Nonetheless, rather than simply deliberate on the initial cost, you need to factor in a range of additional aspects, as they would have an impact on the overall expense of your cladding. Here are additional considerations to keep in mind when contemplating cladding materials for your home:

Weather resistance

The primary reason why homeowners install cladding in the first place is to ensure their building supplies are protected from the changing elements. Thus, when scouring for the right cladding materials, you need to factor in the climatic conditions of your location so that you can invest in supplies that are capable of withstanding the weather changes. For example, individuals that live by the coastal region need to factor in the salty air and humidity when selecting cladding materials. On the other hand, if you live in parts of Australia that experience harsh winters, you need to ensure that the cladding materials are not only capable of withstanding the sweltering summer heat but also materials that will not succumb to damage when the temperatures drop. Option to consider include fibre cement and aluminium.

Installation and maintenance

Installation is a key consideration to have since it will influence how long the project will take. Therefore, if you want a quick and fast installation process that will translate into reduced costs, you should consider lightweight cladding materials such as timber. However, if you do not have the time or the energy to accord your cladding continual attention in the form of upkeep, then you should consider materials such as natural stone.

Thermal protection

Thermal protection is critical all year round, more so if you want to keep your electricity bills manageable. If you want to make the most of the insulation already installed in your house, you should deliberate on cladding materials that will ensure your structure is not vulnerable to thermal gain or loss depending on the season. A few of the materials that you can consider include brick and vinyl. It should be noted that vinyl cladding also provides a layer of acoustic insulation, making it ideal for people that live close to their neighbours. On the other hand, brick adds a great façade to the exterior of your house, more so if the property is distinguished by its classically traditional architectural style.