What Is Joinery and How Is It Related to Your Remodelling Work?

What Is Joinery and How Is It Related to Your Remodelling Work?

11 February 2020
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Joinery is a term related to a particular process in woodwork that involves joining two pieces of wood together (woodwork joints). Such work requirements can be found on doors and window frames, fitted cabinets, fitted furniture, fitted shelves, fitted stairs, etc. and can be carried out on-site (in your house or commercial property) or off-site (at the joiner's workshop).

What kind of remodelling work are you doing? Do you just require joinery work, or do you also need carpentry work? Learn the difference below, and also know what to consider:

Joiner and Carpenter

A joiner is a term given to a specialist who carries out joinery work. You might come across a joiner who only handles joinery work and another joiner who can handle both joinery and carpentry work.

What is carpentry work? Carpentry work is broad and can involve the process of building almost all wooden products and also structures. A high percentage of carpentry work is conducted on-site (in or around your house or commercial property).

Therefore, the difference between a joiner and a carpenter is that a joiner only specialises in joints, but a carpenter can specialise in multiple woodwork projects, including joints.

Identify whether your remodelling process requires only joinery work or might also require carpentry work. This helps you to either choose a joiner who specialises in joints only, a joiner who specialises in joints but has some carpentry skills, or a carpenter who has joinery skills.

You should, however, note that since a joiner specialises in joints only, he or she might be more equipped with skills, experience and knowledge to help him or her provide quality and aesthetically pleasing work.

Cabinet Maker

You might also come across a specialist known as a cabinet maker when in the market for a joiner. A cabinet maker specialises in cabinet design, construction, installation, maintenance and repair. If your remodelling project requires the installation of cabinets, you might need a cabinet maker.

You should know that joiners might also have cabinet making skills. However, just like the carpenters with joinery skills, joiners might not be as skilful or experienced as cabinet makers when it comes to cabinet making. You should always check whether a joiner or cabinet maker has stated that he or she specialises in joinery, cabinet making or both.

Knowing the above helps you know what specialist to hire and save your money by not hiring two separate specialists when one can handle the entire job.