Get a Quick Fix to your Kitchen Renovation Needs

Get a Quick Fix to your Kitchen Renovation Needs

4 February 2020
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Sparing time to remodel your kitchen or any part of your house can be time consuming, expensive and a big inconvenience throughout your construction. This is why many homeowners procrastinate remodelling.

In most cases, a kitchen remodel isn't something they desire, but it is what the house really needs. It improves functionality, adds value and allows homeowners to appreciate their space.

When can you tell it's time to take the plunge? Here are five signs it's time.

Lack of Storage and Prep Space

Even if you aren't a foodie, you should have enough space to prep your meal and store your food. Surprisingly, many kitchens lack cabinet and counter space. Most of the available space is poorly laid out, making cooking awkward.

Understand that limited space isn't always an issue. You may have dozens of drawers and cabinets, but if they aren't fitted to provide enough storage for your small appliances and cooking gear, you'll still have issues. You'll be surprised what a carefully redesigned storage space can achieve.

Appliances Need Replacing

Many appliances are expensive and difficult to replace. That's why homeowners stick to using the appliances they have even if they work incorrectly or poorly. It may be logical to wait for an appliance to break before replacing it, but this is a threat to your home.

A faulty dishwasher may cause flooding, which can lead to dangerous mould growth or water damage. Risks aside, you should replace dated items if you're to maintain a functional and working kitchen.

Cracked, Scratched or Stained Flooring

Today, there are limitless options for your flooring needs, and you can't go wrong with any of them. However, you should choose one that best suits your lifestyle. If you have pets, it's wise to choose tiles rather than hardwood flooring.

Difficulty in Cleaning

Re-designing your kitchen makes it easier to clean. This is because newer counter tops and cabinets are easy to wipe down. Ditching your flat paint or wallpaper for an eggshell paint makes it easier to wipe off grease and tomato sauce stains.

Poor Lighting

Lighting may come as an afterthought, but it makes a great difference in the enjoyment and usability of your space. There's nowhere proper lighting is more important than your kitchen. A nicely designed lighting plan with in-ceiling lighting and under-cabinet lights can make your kitchen more attractive and functional.

If any of the tips above apply to your kitchen, it's time to make drastic changes. Contact a remodelling contractor to learn more about kitchen renovations.