3 Reasons To Move And Store Away Your Stuff During House Restumping

3 Reasons To Move And Store Away Your Stuff During House Restumping

4 February 2020
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More likely than not, you will not be required to move out while a contractor works on restumping your house. Depending on the extent of the work involved, safety concerns and other factors, you may need to make alternative living arrangements, at least for the duration of the project.

As you find alternative accommodation, you may also want to consider putting your furniture and other items away in storage. Why? Here is a look at why this is an idea worth giving a thought, even if you don't get explicit instructions from your restumping and reblocking contractor.

1. Avoid Accidental Damage To Property

Picture the restumping crew moving things around your house so that they can access under your home through the floorboards. Now, imagine that one of those things is a heavy piece of furniture that knocks down a fragile valuable.

Accidents happen. There is always a risk, even with the most careful of crews. Avoid taking chances and put such items as are vulnerable to damage in storage.

2. Avoid Too Much Clean-Up Work

A big mess can be expected during restumping. Some of the dust and debris will no doubt find itself inside your house, and particularly if the crew has to go down your house through the floors. It can be quite time-consuming and taxing to clean this mess after. Worse yet is if the debris leaves stubborn stains that won't easily come off, or at all.

Store away your property, and you can avoid the hassle of cleaning up. You can be sure that all your items will remain clean, and all you have to do is put them back once the restumping work is completed.

3. Keep The Project Timelines

If the restumping crew has to constantly move heavy furniture around to get under your building through the floorboards, you can be sure that finishing the work will take longer. All the time that they spend moving things away and putting them back is time that could, otherwise, be better spent doing some actual restumping work.

By putting your stuff in storage, you give them ample, obstruction-free working space. Sticking to and even beating the project timeline estimated provided becomes easier.

Keep in mind that you don't need to put away everything in storage. Whether you choose to store everything or just some of it, you can look forward to the benefits highlighted and rest easy as you await completion of the restumping.

For more information about restumping, contact a restumping service.